An Illustrated Guide to Cannabis Tax Preparation

Learn how to prepare a cannabis C corporation Form 1120.....step by step.  We cover every detail..follow along as we prepare a cultivators Form 1120, from start to finish!
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Learn Cannabis Tax Preparation
Why Choose Our Course?
Detailed Step-by-Step Guidance: Our guide provides an in-depth walk-through
of the entire process, leaving no aspect untouched. You can follow along seamlessly, building your expertise as you progress.

Specialized Focus on Cannabis C Corporation Form 1120: We specialize in the unique requirements of cannabis C corporations, providing you with technical knowledge and insights explicitly tailored to this field.
Comprehensive Coverage: We cover every essential detail, from gathering relevant information to calculating taxable income and applying tax rates. We aim to equip you with a thorough understanding of the entire process.

Compliance with IRC 280E: Understanding and complying with IRC 280E is crucial for cannabis businesses. Our guide includes detailed guidance on reporting cannabis-specific information, ensuring you navigate the tax code correctly.
Expert Insights: Our team of experienced professionals will guide you throughout the guide. With their wealth of knowledge and practical experience in cannabis tax preparation, you can trust that you're receiving guidance from industry experts.

Practical Examples: We believe in practical learning, so our guide includes real-world examples and scenarios. By following along with the practical exercises, you'll gain hands-on experience and be better prepared to handle similar situations in the future.

Ongoing Support and Resources: We understand that learning continues after the guide. That's why we provide ongoing support and access to additional resources to enhance further your knowledge and skills in cannabis C corporation tax preparation.
Damon  L. Mayer, ChFC, LTC, EA

Damon is an experienced tax expert who has been preparing cannabis tax returns since his home state of Oregon became legal many years ago. In addition to tax preparation, he has represented several canna clients before the IRS, the Oregon Department of Revenue, the California Tax Board and countless Oregon Employment Department audits. These audits have given him unique opportunities to work closely with auditors and provide valuable insight into how each agency handles the tax code under 280E, 471-3 and 471-11. 
Damon has nearly 100 cannabis clients he personally oversees, including growers, dispensaries, extractors, wholesalers, laboratories and any other kind of cannabis business you can imagine! Many of his clients take him to Colorado, Hawaii, California, Oklahoma and Michigan. Damon is excited to share his knowledge of cannabis taxation and hopes that others will benefit from his experience in this unique industry! 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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